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We believe that ‘life or business’ is a product of our thoughts… We become what we think!
Falkon design studio is servicing in Web Information Architecture, Web development, Web and non web Visual Design and Content Design support.
It was founded with a very clear mission: to help its customers in designing, developing and managing their online & offline business communication works.Founded in 2005, Falkon design studio is a privately held company in Bangalore, India.
The Falkon Creative team consists a team of experienced and dedicated professionals with around 5-6 years of experience in industrial and communication design firms and also professionals trained in prestigious art and design schools. Concentrating on issues of Usable branded design, this team believes in collaborative teamwork that enables them to produce
Acknowledging all those who made Falkon happen:
Sandeep Sundaran
Prasanth Nicolas
Pavan D.P
Kavitha Krisnamurthy
S.Sampath Kumar
Darshan K.C
Indu Moola
Supported by:
Mr.Srikar.Y.V (BD,Radiant Technologies)
Mr. Meera Datta (CPMG,India Post)
Mr.Aswath Narayan (BD, India Post)
Mr.Tilak Kumar (Ceo, Deccan Herald)
Mr.Sainath (BD Head, Eurovigil,Eureka forbes)
Syndicate Bank, Sanil’s Mom, Mr.Moola Venkatesh
Mr.Prakash(Seeman Printex)
Mr.Raj(Ceo,Satvik Inc)
Ms.Vinutha Moola
The 'K' in Falkon
The 'K' in falkon stands for 'Kinetic', which means we believe in adding movement to all our clients through our sense of usability, design and application development and creative services. It's just to say that we are 'Dynamic by DNA'
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